Updating Student Data


If your student(s) currently attend or have attended school in the Marsing School District in the past, please log into your parent account at msd363.powerschool.com

If you do not have a parent account or need to add a student to your existing account, please contact your student(s)' school or the District Office to request a "Parent Portal" letter.


Back-to-School Registration Annual Update

  • Once you are logged into the Parent Portal, go to Ecollect Forms on the left menu and complete/update the following forms:


  • Enrollment Form, Part 1 (must be completed for every individual student in your family beforecompleting Part 2)


The following forms will need to be completed only once and will update the records for all students in your family when you select "Submit for Family" by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to "Submit"


  • Enrollment Form, Part 2
  • Federal Programs Migrant Survey
  • Federal Programs Families in Transition Questionnaire
  • FERPA Annual Notification
  • Parent Permission
  • Marsing Elementary K-5th Student Transportation (complete this form only if your student attends the Elementary)
  • Open Enrollment Application (This form MUST be completed annually if you do not reside within the Marsing School District boundaries.)


  • Click on Ecollect Forms to select the next form to be completed.



Student information (phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, etc.) can be updated at any time by completing Enrollment Forms Part 1 and/or 2).

If you update your student's information outside of the annual Back-to-School Registration, please also contact your student's school secretary:

School Secretary 208-649-5411
Elementary Mrs. Angie Malmberg x497
Middle School Mrs. Alicia Ponce x397
High School Mrs. Glenda Gammett x297

The Mobile App can be downloaded at the following locations: