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Any time a student/parent has a concern with a staff member or school policy the following steps should be followed:

Step 1 The student/parent will discuss the problem with the teacher outside of class time.

Step 2 If the problem is not resolved, the student/parent may take their concern to the principal to attempt to work it out informally. For any formal action to be taken, the complaint will have to be made in writing.

Step 3 If the problem is not resolved, then a formal, written complaint must be made to the superintendent. The form is available at the office. The superintendent may schedule a formal hearing.

Step 4 If the problem is not resolved, then a formal hearing may be requested with the school board.

Step 5 If the problem is not resolved through the previous steps, then either party will have to pursue their interests at the civil court level.

Please remember, the steps are: TEACHER, PRINCIPAL, SUPERINTENDENT, and then the SCHOOL BOARD.